Wenzhou Corelle hospital, founded in 1996, is a set of medical, teaching, scientific research, prevention, rehabilitation, health and other functions as one with mental health specialist, small and comprehensive private hospital. 2011 psychiatric won the national Ministry of health clinical key subject construction project; 2013 by Zhejiang Province rank hospital appraisal committee review by, won the "three-level" psychiatric hospital; 2013 in our hospital was named Wenzhou City human resources and Social Security Bureau for the annual "outstanding poly enterprise", Guan Weili Dean was named the year of "love entrepreneurs"; 2013 clinical psychology department won the Zhejiang Province clinical characteristic discipline; won the "Wenzhou City Red Cross Charity meritorious Award" Gold Award (2013) advanced collective title of honor; is key hospitals in Wenzhou City and national model hospital assured the people. 2015 Behavior Medicine Department of clinical characteristics of the province.
       Hospital set up a "Kang Ning Institute of mental health", "Corning forensic", "Kang Ning judicial authentication" is currently the only one in South Zhejiang Province through the certification of psychiatric professional accreditation bodies.
      The mental health system by common psychiatric, psychological counseling and clinical psychology, elderly mental diseases, mental illness, family dependent organic mental diseases, psychosomatic department, forensic science, rehabilitation and other discipline, and there is a MECT treatment center; and the "Wenzhou psychological crisis intervention center", "Wenzhou city psychiatric prevention technical guidance center", "Wenzhou City, severe mental disability care support center", "Wenzhou city psychiatric rehabilitation work rehabilitation center" and other institutions, in addition, the hospital or the Anhui Bengbu Medical College clinical teaching hospital, Wenzhou Medical University (Medical College), Wenzhou University, Qiqihar Medical School, the clinical teaching practice base.
      Integrated healthcare system with emergency department, internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, gynecology and obstetrics, blood dialysis room, ear nose and throat, dental, dermatology, Department of traditional Chinese medicine, anesthesiology 10 clinical disciplines; and rehabilitation, Radiology, laboratory, special inspection department, Department of pharmacy, nutrition department, operating room and supply room medical departments.
      Health care system: hospitals with a health examination center, respectively, by Wenzhou City primary and middle school students health examination, Wenzhou City motor vehicle driver for a certificate of health examination, Wenzhou urban residents medical insurance designated medical, Wenzhou City from retired designated medical, business recruitment examination project composition and annual check-up of 80000 people.
Hospital was founded, the medical business continued to grow, from 2010 to medical group model to other cities in the country set up hospital and has now been completed and opened Qingtian Kangning hospital, Pingyang Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Department of mental health, Cangnan Kangning hospital, Yongjia Kangning hospital, Yueqing Kangning hospital.
      Hospital according to the Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China "on vigorously develop health, accelerate the health city construction decision" and Wenzhou City People's government "approved the city development and Reform Commission on Wenzhou City to ease the difficulty medical and health facilities construction plan of action," the notice requirements, investment 3 billion yuan to the hospital department of renovation and expansion, the construction scale of the project is 64000 square meters, is one of the key construction projects in Wenzhou City, after the completion of the project in 2017 will form scale in Zhejiang Province is the largest, with 1200 beds of the three-level hospital.
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