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Superb skills
A hospital is located in Chengdu Ren Jinniu District Kexing Road No. 90, is the three province, city, district medical insurance designated medical institutions. 2014, Jen a hospital and China's largest private mental health specialist hospital, Wenzhou Medical University, Medical University, a new spirit of cooperation. Spirit of the two level hospital standards, facilities, and the environment is fresh and pleasant, for different levels of patients with hotel style, personalized, fine, high quality medical services.
Chengdu Hui a psychiatric hospital, relying on third grade in psychiatric hospitals, national key clinical specialist (psychiatric) construction unit -- a case study of Wenzhou Medical University Affiliated Kangning hospital strong medical research team, treating schizophrenia, anxiety disease, depression, mania, old dementia, alcohol dependence and psychological and behavioral disorders in adolescent. Drug treatment, psychological treatment, physical therapy, mental recovery and international and domestic the most advanced mental health treatment and rehabilitation projects, such as the most advanced treatment technology.
Chengdu Hui a psychiatric hospital adhering to the Kang people "Shi Bishou more blessed medical benevolence, sprinkles charitable medical help to the sun and rain to the heart of every patient, eliminate prejudice, dare to care, to help more patients out of the swamp of mind and rekindle the hope of life.
Chengdu Hui a hospital psychiatric commitment to helping due to illness poverty caused by returning to the psychiatric patients, combined with Chengdu charity set up a "benevolence mental illness charity relief fund". The fund in the psychiatric treatment of three persons, rural five, urban and rural minimum living security object, with requirements of the difficulties families of psychotic patients. The above personnel cost of hospitalization subsidies for basic medical insurance pooling funds for reimbursement, guaranteeing the civil medical assistance or federations, the remaining part by "Ren a mental illness charity relief fund" to give medical assistance.
Core value
The core values of the spirit of "respecting the life and the humble service" in the spirit of a hospital in Chengdu. "Jing woo" refers to is emphasis on the value of life and human dignity, respect every life, medical professional and technical to bless every life; "humble" refers to is all healthy people should be in a spirit of humility, the healer benevolence to care and service of every disease patients.
Mental disorders in the total burden of disease in China ranks the first, about 20% of the total burden of disease. Keeping pace with the times of Wenzhou Medical University Affiliated Kangning hospital has become the benchmark of the private hospital, in management, technology and other aspects of the pursuit of international standards, followed by the pace of the times, follow the international trend, attention to academic and professional fine management, and strive to make more to suffer physical and psychological torture of disease, enjoy new life and health.
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